Authentic ideas expressed
through Original Type.

Our Font Collection

A collection of authentic typefaces, tried & true, and ready for immediate use.

The Original Type collection consists of families carefully designed from original ideas, and executed to supply reliable results across a wide range of design applications. Crafted at once for print and digital media, each typeface represents the simple, authentic expression of a design idea invented by its creator. Produced over the course of many years of intensive development, your experience using these fonts is guaranteed to be on par with those from any other source.

Our Font Collection

For the Creative Industry

Bespoke typefaces that convey the values and culture of your brand.

We work with design studios and in-house design teams on bespoke typefaces that convey the values of your brand and raise the quality of your creative output.

Services for the creative industry

For the Type Industry

A reliable partner who delivers work that meets your standards.

Original Type acts as a production resource to other type designers and foundries on their type projects. You can bring us in to develop new subfamilies, add weights or expand character sets for an existing type family, or to increase your capacity temporarily on custom or bespoke projects.

Services for the Type Industry


Font packages for Editorial Design

Editorial design projects demand special typographic needs. Often they require fonts from different font families. For this reason we’ve compiled several Editorial Packs that contain a selection from styles from different families in our collection. Each pack is compiled to serve a variety of typographic needs: from body copy to headings.

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