Tailored typographic brand expression.

We strongly believe that type is at the core of the visual expression of values and ideas. That is why we love working closely with creative agencies and in-house design teams to supply them with type that is conscientiously tailored to express the personality of their brands.

Bespoke & custom fonts and lettering work.

Our Process

Developing an original font family can be a time consuming effort. To ensure that well-informed decisions are made before starting production, each project starts off with a roadmapping engagement. 

For this we’ll sit together with all stakeholders to make a wide overview of the road ahead. We’ll look at the requirements together and make important decisions that will guide the balance of the project.

  • Aesthetics: What is visually needed to translate the brand identity into a typographic voice
  • Design requirements: What specific styles, weights and widths does this project need
  • Character set requirements: Local or global language coverage
  • Technical requirements: Assessment of operating systems, devices and software the fonts are going to be used on
  • Licensing requirements: Legal and usage requirements including exclusive or non-exclusive licensing

This assessment results in a creative brief and a quotation. From there we will start with the creative work of making the first drafts. Our effective workflow provides you with beta fonts early in the process, and provides new versions throughout the project. This enables your design team to work productively throughout the engagement without having to use stand-in fonts.

Once the design has been signed off on, we’ll start with the production of the complete character set followed by the technical engineering of the fonts. 

Our Capabilities:

— Typographic Consultancy
— Bespoke Font Development
— Font Customization
— Logo Refinement

If you’d like to talk to us about a project or you’d like to schedule a meeting, please get in touch.