About Original Type

At Original Type we believe that unique voices, authentic minds and current ideas are expressed and articulated through original and high quality typefaces.

Founded in 2018, Original Type sets out to produce and publish original, contemporary typefaces that enable creatives and brands express themselves in an authentic way.

Among our clients are advertising agencies, publishing houses and design studios. Original Type produces her typefaces with the utmost care and meet the latest industry standards.

Next to publishing retail typefaces we create custom and bespoke typefaces on commission.

If you’d like to enquire about a project, please contact us at info@originaltype.com

Typeface submissions

Are you a type designer and you have a new design that you think might fit in our library? Please send a descriptive text about the typeface and a pdf showing examples of the design to info@originaltype.com.

Selected clients that have used our typefaces or services:

Boston Magazines
Museum Meermanno | Huis van het Boek
New York Knicks
Soda Studio / Makerstreet
Sorkin Type
State University of Groningen
VT Wonen Magazine